Q&A for foreign customers



【FAQ】 Q&A for Foreign Customers 【Palette in Sapporo】

FAQ from foreign customers!




Q.Do I need to come to japan to make a reservation?


No, you can make a reservation by email ( lafiler@studio-palette.com )

Q. I don’t speak Japanese. Can I hire an interpreter? 


Some of us can speak English, we are not a professional interpreter though.

We can talk on email in advance to make everything sure before you come.

Our photographers and hair make up artists also speak little English,

but we always do our best to communicate :)

We have had a lot of couples from China, HongKong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

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Q. How many hours for the shooting ? 

A. It depends on which package you are going to join.

Here is a sample schedule below in the case you wear 1 kimono and join an outside shooting package.

10:00 Hair and make up, and dress up

11:30 Leave for the shooting place

12:00 Start shooting (1 hour)

13:00 Going back to the studio

13:30 Changing

Q. If the shooting day is rainning, can I change the date?


We are afraid but the answer is No.. In the case of raining, we’ll ask you to

1) Switch to a studio shooting package. (No charge)

2) Switch to a shooting INSIDE of Former Hokkaido Government Office Building. (5,000yen)

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Dress and Kimono

Q. How can I choose the kimono / dress ?


You can see all of our kimono and dresses on the WEB.

▶︎Wedding Dress ▶︎Color Dress ▶︎Kimono

Q. I don’t know my size in Japan.

Please refer the chart below.

international size


Q. Can I bring my own wedding dress and shoes for shooting?


Yes , you can bring your own dress and shoes, instead of using rentals.

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Hair and Makeup

Q. I have some favorite hair style. Can the makeup artist do that for me? 



Yes! Please bring a sample photo (on the phone).

We can do any style you like, if the length of your hair is almost same as the model’s on the sample photo.

Q. Will the makeup artist go together to the shooting place

so that she can touch up the makeup of the bride?


Yes, your makeup artist can come to the place together, and take care of you all the time.

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Package and Price

Q.How much is the wedding photo shoot package?


If you are interested in outside shooting, it’s from 74,800 to 94,800 JPY.



Q. Do I need any extra charge?


We’ll ask you for some extra charge when you need to..


1) upgrade bride’s dress/ kimono. (10,000-30,000yen)

2) upgrade groom’s tuxedo/ kimono. (5,000yen)

3) rental dress underwear. (5,000yen)

4) rental kimono under wear. (5,000yen)

5) add Japanese traditional wig hairstyle. (12,000yen)

6) send album books to your country.   etc..

You can use our shoes and accessories (necklace, earrings, wedding vail, gloves, bouquet)

for free, If you need.

Q. Which package should I join If I want to wear more than 2 dresses/ kimono?


Please add a package you join.

For example, if you wear 1 dress and 1 kimono,

choose the course A+B, or join the course C twice.

Q. Where do you recommend for the shooting place?


You can pick 1 place out of the 7 choices.

1) Nakajima Park

2) Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

3) Tenjin Yama Park

4) Oodori Park

5) Asahiyama Memorial Park

6) Sapporo Factory

7) Historical Village of Hokkaido (extra charge 20,000yen)

Q. Can I go to Otaru for the shooring?


We are very sorry but we can take you only in Sapporo.

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Q. How and When do I need to settle the payment? 


You can pay on the shooting day. We accept Japanese Yen and credit cards.

If you are worried whether your card works in our store or not, please feel free to ask us.

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Product and Shipping

Q. How many photo data include?


about 100 photos per a package.

Q. After shooting, How and When can we get the photo data?


We’ll give you the photo data in CDR on the shooting day.

While we preparing the data, you can go out for eating or shopping around the store,

and you can always come back to pick up your CDR during our business hours.

We open 10:00am – 6:30pm, and close every Wednesday.

Q. Can I have the photo data in USB?


Yes, if you bring the new one, not the used one before.

Q. Will the photographer retouch the photos before giving to me?


The photographer will fix the color balance and tone, and crop some photos if needed.

They cannot retouch to make you more beautiful (better skin, slimming, etc).

Thank you for your understanding.

Q. How can we take Albums? How long you need to finish it ? 


We can send your albums to your country.

The shipping fee depends on weight and which country you are from.

We need 1~2months to finish.

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Q. What is your address in English?


It’s 9F Togashi Bld, West2, South2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido.

You will find DAISO, a 100yen shop, on the first floor of the building.

Q. Is the transportation fee is included?


Transportation fee between our store and the shooting place is already included.

(not between your hotel and the store)

Q. I don’t know how to get to the store from my hotel. 


Please tell us where you stay. We’ll help you to find the way.

If you have questions, please email us anytime!





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