Hokkaido x Location 3 recommended winter locations in Hokkaido!

Hello! Photo studio Palette Asahikawa store! Winter location unique to Hokkaido˚✧₊ This time, we will introduce the top 3 recommended filming locations!




This is the photo studio Palette Asahikawa store located in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido.



Winter location unique to Hokkaido˚✧₊
This time, we will introduce the top 3 recommended filming locations!




Biei Takushinkan

``Takushinkan'' in Biei Town is a tourist destination with a beautiful corridor of white birch trunks.

In summer, the pure white trunks of white birch trees and the lush leaves create a beautiful contrast.

In winter, the leaves fall off, leaving only the pure white trunk.

Snow piles up in the white birch corridor, creating a completely white world.

A pure white wedding dress is good, and Japanese clothing such as white solid wood is also recommended.




Biei Blue Pond

I think the blue pond in Biei town has a strong image of summer.

However, the Blue Pond in winter is also lovely.

The pond freezes, but snow piles up on top of it, making it look magical.

It is lit up in the evening, so you can take romantic photos.


Asahikawa Gokoku Shrine


Gokoku Shrine in Asahikawa City is a shrine with a red torii gate.

There are also photo spots such as Taiko Bridge, which are recommended for those who are thinking of wearing Japanese clothing.




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