[Bridal] Location photo shooting project started! ! [Manabe Garden]

hello! Palette Obihiro store ♬ It's finally starting! Location photo ♡♡♡ This time's special feature is "Manabe Garden"! !




Hello everyone☆

Photo Studio Palette, a photo wedding studio in Obihiro City, Hokkaido.


The charm of Hokkaido is the natural beauty of the four seasons.

I think there are many people who have a longing for a photo wedding in such a beautiful scenery.

For location photos, Palette carefully selects and proposes spots where you can take full advantage of the beautiful scenery of Obihiro.

You can leave a natural expression in the vast scenery.


This time, we will thoroughly explain the charm of the most popular spot among them, “Manabe Garden”!

For those in Hokkaido who are thinking about location photos,

For those who live outside of Hokkaido and want to take location photos during their trip to Hokkaido,

Please read to the end and use it as a reference ♡



Featured Location: Manabe Garden

By the way, what is the “Manabe Garden” that is attracting a lot of attention as a photo wedding spot?


Click here for Google Maps


Location: 2-6 Higashi Inadacho, Obihiro City, Hokkaido 080-0832


In 1966, it opened to the public as Japan’s first conifer (conifer) garden.

There are three theme gardens on the vast 25,000 tsubo site that makes the most of nature.

Each garden has a collection of thousands of varieties of plants that have been collected from all over the world for over 60 years.

It’s a showroom-like botanical garden where you can observe how the plants grow as the faces they show change depending on the season.

Because there is a lot of greenery, it is a place rich in nature where many Ezo squirrels and wild birds visit!

Because there are many places on the premises that can be used as photo spots,

In recent years, it has become popular as a location for photo weddings.


Access from central Obihiro

Publisher: Manabe Garden Homepage


▷Access by car from central Obihiro

Duration: about 15 minutes

There is a kanban along Route 236


▷ Access by public transportation

Duration: about 20 minutes

Take the Tokachi Bus bound for “circulation west, industrial high school, north high school”

Get off at “Nishi 4-jo 39-chome” and walk for about 5 minutes.


Palette’s location photo comes with a taxi transfer to the location,

After doing hair makeup and dressing in the studio, please move to the site.

Since it can be accessed through a wide national highway, people outside Hokkaido can also enjoy the scenery of the city near the center while traveling.



Access from Tokachi Obihiro Airport


If you live outside of Hokkaido, please refer to the access from Tokachi Obihiro Airport here.

Why not enjoy a location photo wedding as one of the pleasures of traveling in Hokkaido?


▷ Access by public transportation

Required time: about 2 hours and 15 minutes

Take the Tokachi Bus bound for “circulation west, industrial high school, north high school”

Get off at “Nishi 4-jo 39-chome” and walk for about 5 minutes.


▷ Access by car

Required time (high-speed use): about 25 minutes

20 minutes south from the intersection of Route 236 and Route 38 (5 km)
5 minutes in the direction of Obihiro Station from Obihiro Hiroo Expressway Obihiro Kawanishi IC

There is a kanban along Route 236


For those who want to go sightseeing from outside Hokkaido, we recommend renting a car from the airport!



Shooting at Manabe Garden

Then, what kind of wedding photos can be taken at the Manabe Garden?

From here, I will introduce the spots that the staff chose to look good☆


“Welcome Arch” whose color changes with the seasons

Welcome arch just inside the entrance

A welcome arch that changes colors depending on the season, such as darker green or autumn leaves

It’s cool and cute in the summer, but it might be cute to shoot in the autumn leaves!


“Shinshokaku” visited by Emperor Taisho

Shinshokaku in the Japanese garden of Manabe Garden

It is said that Emperor Taisho even visited! ! !

It’s an old-fashioned Japanese house, so shooting in kimono is a great match!

For an additional fee, you can take pictures inside the building, so it seems to be a recommended spot for those who want to take pictures in a Japanese atmosphere!


Cute European-style building “House with Red Roof”



The house with a red roof that can be seen from the back of the garden is a cute spot ♡

Photos of the atmosphere where two people are sitting on a bench and are relaxing or waiting

It seems that you can shoot with various shots!



It’s a very large garden, so there are likely to be many spots where you can take more pictures!

We will be discovering a lot from now on, so please look forward to it.


Palette’s location photo points!




Why is Palette’s location plan so popular?

There are many reasons for its popularity!


・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also available at an additional charge of 0 yen!

It is a guide at a safe tax-included price regardless of Saturdays, Sundays, or weekdays.


・Reliable costume cleaning fee is free!

If you are shooting outside, you will be worried about the dirt on your clothes.

At our shop, we do not provide a separate cleaning fee so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!


・Including facility usage fee!

Each shooting location has its own facility usage fee, but this is included in the plan, so don’t worry!


・Same day delivery of more than 100 cuts of data!

Our staff will check the facial expressions of the couple and the focus of the photo, so you can choose the facial expression you like and use it right away!


・ We will guide you to the moving vehicle (taxi fare) to the location within the plan!

Don’t worry because the shooting assistant will ride with you♪


・You can take pictures with your own camera or mobile phone!


・ Accompanied by a safe shooting assistant!




Location photos are recommended for such couples!




Why choose location photography over studio photography?

The unique charm of location photography is recommended for these couples!


▷ I want to enjoy a sense of openness and freedom!

Location photos have no particular shape or size restrictions, so

You can freely use the small items you brought with you, or try changing your shoes into sneakers, so you can take pictures that make the most of your individuality.

Highly recommended for couples who want to take pictures that are different from others and want to express themselves!


▷I want to take pictures during my trip to Hokkaido!

There are many people who visit Hokkaido for premarital trips or honeymoon trips and have photo weddings in the magnificent scenery of Hokkaido at that time.

Even if you are far away, you can have a meeting in advance with online counseling, so you can make a plan with confidence ♡

Please leave your memories of your trip to Hokkaido in wonderful wedding photos.





Looking for location photo monitors



In commemoration of the location photo start at the Obihiro store, the Obihiro store is looking for monitor couples who can shoot in October!

Chance to use at a price of 50% OFF than the regular price ☆

There are currently three locations where filming is possible.


☆Manabe Garden

☆Tokachi Hills

☆Tokachi Millennium Forest




application requirements


— Recruitment date and time ——————————-

・10/21 (Friday) 9:30

・10/24 (Monday) 9:30

・10/27 (Thursday) 9:30

・10/28 (Friday) 9:30

・10/31 (Monday) 9:30



For those who wish to monitor

・ Desired date and time of shooting (select from recruitment date and time)

・ Desired location


·Your phone number

・ Desired costume (Japanese or Western) * Manabe Garden only

Please contact us by DM on Instagram or by phone.


We are also accepting other inquiries!

We look forward to hearing from you ♡



 location plan!


Tokachi Hills plan!



【plan contents】

・One costume at a time (Both Japanese and Western clothes are OK!)

・Hair and makeup (for brides only)

・ Dressing (for two people)

・Data 100 cuts

・Cleaning fee

・Transportation expenses to the location (round trip)

・ Attendance fee

・Small items such as bouquets and boutonnieres


¥128,000 (¥140,800 including tax)


Monitor price 50% OFF fee

¥64,000 (¥70,400 including tax)




Check here for other plans!







Counseling first! Click here to make a reservation






3 steps from meeting to shooting


1. Go to a store and try on clothes

First of all, go to the store and try on both of them!

Decide which costume you will wear on the day by actually wearing your favorite costume!

If you can’t decide in one time, you can come again on another day!


2.Meeting about what kind of photo to make

Next, we will discuss what kind of photos you would like to take!

We will talk in detail about the particular poses and situations, and the accessories you bring!


You can also ask questions about hair and makeup!


3. Finally shooting!

Once everything is done, it’s time to shoot! !

On the day of the event, the hair and make-up artist will do the hair and make-up and the photo will be taken! !

Hair and makeup will be done at the shop!


After finishing the hair and makeup, we will drive to the location!






Photo Studio Palette Obihiro


〒080-0027 43-15 West 17 South 3-chome, Obihiro City, Hokkaido
TEL: 0155-67-8008

Shooting event: Bridal/Adult/Kids/Baby

Doto’s largest photo studio!

It is a studio that offers a full lineup of photography such as photo weddings, pre-coming-of-age ceremony photography, furisode rentals, 100 days photography, Shichigosan photography, entrance photography, and more!



▷Access from Obihiro Station



・Go southeast

・Turn right at Nishi 2 Minami 14 (intersection) and head towards Nishi 3-jo Dori.

・Turn left at Nishi 3 Minami 12 (intersection) and enter Nishi 3-jo Dori.

・Go straight on West 5 South 14 (intersection) and proceed straight to Shinryoku-dori.

・Turn right onto Nishi 16-jo Dori

・Turn left at Nishi 17 Minami 3 (intersection)

・Turn left onto Yayoi Shindo/Route 151

・Arrival at destination




Counseling the style you want to shoot according to each customer.

The studio and store are also renewed from time to time, and it is a store where you can always shoot with the latest trends in mind.



Check Instagram for the latest information! !


Palette’s location photo wedding exclusive account is ready! !

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