【Photo wedding】Introducing the popular spot of Hokkaido location photo “Tenjinyama”.*

Speaking of Hokkaido's charm is the beauty of nature in the four seasons. I think many people have a longing for photo weddings in such a beautiful scenery. The location photo performed by Palit is a spot where you can fully use the beautiful Sapporo scenery for shooting, so you can leave a natural expression in a vast scenery. This time, we will introduce "Tenjinzan", a hidden popular location spot!



Hello everyone ☆

It is a photo wedding studio in Sapporo, Hokkaido, a photo studio.


Speaking of Hokkaido’s charm is the beauty of nature in the four seasons.

I think many people have a longing for photo weddings in such a beautiful scenery.

The location photo performed by Palit is a spot where you can fully use the beautiful Sapporo scenery for shooting, so you can leave a natural expression in a vast scenery.


This time, we will introduce “Tenjinyama”, a hidden popular location spot!

Everyone in the Hokkaido who is considering location photos

Everyone who lives outside the Hokkaido who wants to take a location photo while traveling to Hokkaido

Please read it to the end and use it as a reference ♡


Popular location spot “Tenjinyama”

Where do you hear “Tenjinyama”? Isn’t there a lot of people?

It is a photo -like spot in Sapporo City ♫


location:〒062-8612 Sapporo-shi, Toyohira-ku, 6 Hiragishi, 10-2-1-1


The gentle flowing River and the rich Tenjin Mountain Green Space that show different expressions in the seasons are spreading!

In addition, there is a stunning wisteria trellis at the foot of the green area of about 200 years, and around June every year, a purple wisteria flower is covered with purple wisteria, and the whole area is wrapped in a wisteria flower scent. You can shoot in!


Access from the center of Sapporo

▷ Access by car from the center of Sapporo

Time required: about 20 minutes

▷ Access by public transportation

Time required: about 20 minutes

・ Ride from the subway Odori Station “Subway Namboku Line Makomanai area”

→ Get off at Sumikawa Station

・ Arrived at Tenjinoyama on foot


The location photo of Purito comes with a taxi pick -up to the location, so

After wearing hair and makeup and costumes in the studio, you will have to move to the site.

As you can pass through a wide national highway, you can also move while enjoying the city near the center.


Access from New Chitose Airport


If you live outside, please refer to this access from New Chitose Airport.

Why don’t you enjoy location weddings as one of the fun of traveling in Hokkaido?


▷ Access by public transportation

Time required: about 1 hour

・ Ride from New Chitose Airport to “Rim Jin Bus Plant Outside Market”

→ Get off in front of Sumikawa Subway Station

・ Arrived at Tenjinoyama on foot


▷ Access by car

Time required (high -speed use): about 1 hour 47.1km

Visiting by transportation is a little difficult place, so if you want to go sightseeing from outside Hokkaido,

We recommend using a rental car from the airport!



Shooting at Mt. Tenjin


So what kind of wedding photo can be taken when you actually shoot in Tenjinyama?


You can take photos in a natural atmosphere in many greens! !

The feature is that the flowers that bloom differently depending on the season, so you can enjoy it in a different atmosphere depending on the time!

Even if it rains and the shooting is postponed, no matter when you take a picture, you will definitely see the photo!


The pond is also in the green area!

Photos of only two people in nature! !


It is highly recommended to shoot in kimono!


Shooting on the way is also a photo ◎



It is a recommended point to change the atmosphere of the costume depending on the season and leave a photo like two people! !


I don’t know what kind of atmosphere to have, please consult the staff! !

Please enjoy photo weddings in Sapporo in addition to your honeymoon! !

Palette’s location photo point!

Why is Palette’s location plan so popular?

There are many reasons for its popularity!


・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are also available at an additional charge of 0 yen!

It is a guide at a safe tax-included price regardless of Saturdays, Sundays, or weekdays.


・Reliable costume cleaning fee is free!

If you are shooting outside, you will be worried about the dirt on your clothes.

At our shop, we do not provide a separate cleaning fee so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!


・Including facility usage fee!

Each shooting location has its own facility usage fee, but this is included in the plan, so don’t worry!


・Same day delivery of more than 100 cuts of data!

Our staff will check the facial expressions of the couple and the focus of the photo, so you can choose the facial expression you like and use it right away!


・ We will guide you to the moving vehicle (taxi fare) to the location within the plan!

Don’t worry because the shooting assistant will ride with you♪


・You can take pictures with your own camera or mobile phone!


・ Accompanied by a safe shooting assistant!

Location photos are recommended for such couples!

Why choose location photography over studio photography?

The unique charm of location photography is recommended for these couples!


▷ I want to enjoy a sense of openness and freedom!

Location photos have no particular shape or size restrictions, so

You can freely use the small items you brought with you, or try changing your shoes into sneakers, so you can take pictures that make the most of your individuality.

Highly recommended for couples who want to take pictures that are different from others and want to express themselves!


▷I want to take pictures during my trip to Hokkaido!

There are many people who visit Hokkaido for premarital trips or honeymoon trips and have photo weddings in the magnificent scenery of Hokkaido at that time.

Even if you are far away, you can have a meeting in advance with online counseling, so you can make a plan with confidence ♡

Please leave your memories of your trip to Hokkaido in wonderful wedding photos.


Check here for the location plan!



Counseling first! Click here to make a reservation


3 steps from meeting to shooting


1. Go to a store and try on clothes

First of all, go to the store and try on both of them!

Decide which costume you will wear on the day by actually wearing your favorite costume!

If you can’t decide in one time, you can come again on another day!

2.Meeting about what kind of photo to make

Next, we will discuss what kind of photos you would like to take!

We will talk in detail about the particular poses and situations, and the accessories you bring!


You can also ask questions about hair and makeup!

3. Finally shooting!

Once everything is done, it’s time to shoot! !

On the day of the event, the hair and make-up artist will do the hair and make-up and the photo will be taken! !

Hair and makeup will be done at the shop!


After finishing the hair and makeup, we will drive to the location!


Location-compatible stores in Sapporo city

▷ Photo Studio Palette Sapporo Factory


The factory store was relocated and renewed in November last year and was reborn as a large-scale two-story store.

Within a 3-minute walk from the subway, there is also a large parking lot.

It is very convenient to use public transportation, rent-a-car or private car.


It is located in a commercial facility created by redeveloping a historical building in Sapporo City.

The quaint brick building is worth a visit!

Sapporo Factory HP:



Click here for how to access

One of the attractions is that it is easy to come by public transportation, rental car, or private car.


★Customers using public transportation

★Customers using the subway

Get off at Subway Tozai Line “Bus Center Mae” station, 3 minutes walk from Exit 8.


★Customers using the bus

・Hokkaido Chuo Bus Factory Line “Sapporo Factory” stop

・Take JR Hokkaido Bus from Sapporo Station Bus Terminal ②③④ and get off at Sapporo Factory.
* Excluding route number [5] and highway buses.


★Customers using cars/Parking information


Large parking lot with more than 1000 cars


If you use the Sapporo Factory exclusive parking lot, we will provide a parking fee for 4 hours! ! (Don’t forget to bring your parking ticket)

Parking Lot 1, Parking Lot 2, and Parking Lot 4 are available.

Not only on the day of the shoot, but we also offer services such as costume fitting, plan guidance, and studio tours!

Click here for Sapporo Factory parking lot


Location: 1-2 Sapporo Factory Brick Building 1F, Kita 2-jo Higashi 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

※It will be across from 7-Eleven.


business hours:AM10:00-PM6:30(Closed: No holidays)

Parking: Please use the Sapporo Factory parking lot


▷Sapporo Chūō-ten


A state-of-the-art store that constantly updates its studio and costumes to match the latest trends!

Leave it to us for today’s fashionable photo wedding!

★Customers using public transportation


Right in the center of Sapporo city! It is an urban store with a good location and very easy access by public transportation.


From New Chitose Airport (required time: about 55 minutes)

・JR Chitose Line Rapid Airport bound for Sapporo → Get off at Sapporo Station

・From Sapporo Station on the Namboku Subway Line bound for Makomanai → Get off at Odori Station

・About 5 minutes on foot!


It is very convenient from the entrance of Sapporo PARCO facing Shower Street.



▶︎Click here for directions

★Customers using cars/Parking information


From New Chitose Airport (required time: about 50 minutes)

・Enter Heiwa no Doo Expressway from Route 130 and Route 1091.
・Take the Do-O Expressway to Sapporo Shindo/National Route 274 in Kitago 5-jo, Sapporo City, and exit the Do-O Expressway at Kitago IC.
・Take Atsubetsu-dori, Minami 7-jo/Yonezato-dori, and Minami 1-jo-dori until you reach your destination at Minami 2-jo West.



★Guidance of parking lot

If you are coming by car, please park in a parking lot that accepts Common Tickets and present your parking ticket when you come to the store.

Click here for a parking lot that supports Common Ticket



Visitors will receive a parking ticket for up to 2 hours.




Location: 11-1k-23 Building B1F, Minami 2-jo Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Location: Get off at Odori Subway Station. Good access 1 minute on foot◎


business hours:AM10:00-PM6:30(Regular holiday: Wednesday)


Check out this article! !


“Takino Suzuran Hillside Park”



“Horomi Pass”


“Nakajima Park”


“Sapporo Moerenuma Park”


“Sapporo / Odori Park”


There are many other locations!
If you are worried about the location, please contact the staff!